Carpet Stain Removal Surprise, AZ

Sometimes people try crazy things to get stains out of their carpets such as unusual cleaning solutions and dyes. What individuals don’t realize is Qualitymaster Carpet Care is just a […]

Commercial Floor Cleaning Phoenix, AZ

When Qualitymaster Carpet Care customizes a commercial floor cleaning service for our customers, we analyze the flooring type, condition, age, traffic and maintenance routine. We create the perfect cleaning product […]

Tile & Grout Care

Cleaning and maintaining your grout/ tile isn’t the easiest task in the world. However, it’s Qualitymaster Carpet Care’s job to handle this job for you! When you maintain the tile […]

Mold & Your Tile

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People don’t know that by not properly cleaning their bathroom tile it can cause mold, which can cause breathing issues. So when you hire Qualitymaster Carpet Care to clean your […]

Choose Us For Upholstery Cleaning

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Choose Qualitymaster Carpet Care for your upholstery cleaning for the following reasons; we have experience, our equipment is high-grade, we use the best cleaning products for your type of upholstery, […]

Dirt & Oil Deep Within Carpet

Some people think that just because they vacuum everyday they’re getting the dirt out of their carpet. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Dirt and oil fall deep within carpet fibers […]

Quality Carpet Cleaning

At Qualitymaster Carpet Care we use quality equipment and cleaning solutions to better serve our amazing customers. We understand that people don’t like to spend money on carpet cleaning. For […]

Commercial Floor Cleaning

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Commercial office cleaning provides plenty of benefits for your business: Boost Health: A clean office boosts a healthy environment for your employees. They’re less likely to get sick when the working […]

Upholstery Cleaning

Appearance Not only will any spots or stains be removed but the brightness will be return. When you routinely clean your upholstery, you keep the original colors looking like new. […]

Wet Carpet & Your Furniture

Does it seem like every time you carpet clean there is a stain around your furniture? Wood furniture can release some of the dyes if left in contact with wet […]
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