Carpet Stain Removal Surprise, AZ

Sometimes people try crazy things to get stains out of their carpets such as unusual cleaning solutions and dyes. What individuals don’t realize is Qualitymaster Carpet Care is just a […]

Dirt & Oil Deep Within Carpet

Some people think that just because they vacuum everyday they’re getting the dirt out of their carpet. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Dirt and oil fall deep within carpet fibers […]

Quality Carpet Cleaning

At Qualitymaster Carpet Care we use quality equipment and cleaning solutions to better serve our amazing customers. We understand that people don’t like to spend money on carpet cleaning. For […]

What Happens If Carpets Aren’t Professionally Cleaned

When it comes to cleaning your carpets it can be very costly to keep putting it off. Here are the main issues you will run into when you procrastinate professional […]

There’s A Red Stain In My Carpet!

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Don’t worry, Qualitymaster Carpet Care can get out red carpet stains, as well as most KOOL-Aid carpet stains!  Before you go crazy trying to get that red stain out of […]

Commercial Floor Cleaning Surprise, AZ

With a busy and fast-paced working environment it’s crucial to have a company that maintains a clean working space for your business. Qualitymaster Carpet Care has the  knowledge and equipment […]

Pet Urine Odor Removal Phoenix, AZ

Here at Qualitymaster Carpet Care, we love our pets. However, they make it difficult to keep our homes clean, healthy and smelling fresh when accidents transpire. Not only is it […]

Do-It-Yourself Carpet-Cleaning Mistakes

Over-shampooing happens when too much shampoo is added or the carpet isn’t appropriately rinsed. This is the biggest reason why carpet cleaning should be done professionally. The build-up of soap […]

Professional Rug Cleaning Surprise, AZ & Valley-Wide

When you hire Qualitymaster Carpet Care to clean your rugs, we use specialized equipment and cleaning formulas. When we clean rugs, we determine what kind of rug it is. Qualitymaster […]

What is Teflon Carpet Protector?

Teflon Carpet Protector withstands dirt and stains You can keep your freshly cleaned carpet looking new longer by requesting Teflon carpet protector. Teflon carpet protector creates an invisible shield around each […]
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