Dirt & Oil Deep Within Carpet

Some people think that just because they vacuum everyday they’re getting the dirt out of their carpet. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Dirt and oil fall deep within carpet fibers […]

Quality Carpet Cleaning

At Qualitymaster Carpet Care we use quality equipment and cleaning solutions to better serve our amazing customers. We understand that people don’t like to spend money on carpet cleaning. For […]

Commercial Floor Cleaning

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Commercial office cleaning provides plenty of benefits for your business: Boost Health: A clean office boosts a healthy environment for your employees. They’re less likely to get sick when the working […]

Wet Carpet & Your Furniture

Does it seem like every time you carpet clean there is a stain around your furniture? Wood furniture can release some of the dyes if left in contact with wet […]

Routine Carpet Cleaning

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Your carpet acts as an air filter and just like a filter it needs to be cleaned routinely. Vacuuming your carpet helps, however, it needs to be professionally cleaned regularly. […]

Carpet Stain Removal

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Sometimes people try crazy things to get stains out of their carpets such as unusual cleaning solutions and dyes. What individuals don’t realize is Qualitymaster Carpet Care is just a […]

Carpet Cleaning & Your Christmas Tree

Having a decorated Christmas tree is just one way people celebrate the holiday season. However, having a Christmas tree brings a lot of mess to your carpet. Needles and tree […]

Health Risks Of Dirty Carpets

Dirty carpets hold microbes, fungi and other irritants that can make us sick. Even though they may look clean, deep down in the fibers they hold contaminants that you aren’t […]

What Happens If Carpets Aren’t Professionally Cleaned

When it comes to cleaning your carpets it can be very costly to keep putting it off. Here are the main issues you will run into when you procrastinate professional […]

Why Clean Carpets In Winter

There are several good reasons why people should have their carpets cleaned during the winter months. Health: During winter, we are indoors more with less fresh air. Carpets have allergens […]
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